The doctor, through his specialty, provides the necessary medical services at all levels of geriatric care

Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the University of Alicante and specialist in Geriatrics from the Royal College of Physicians of London since 1996, Dr. José María Gómez-Reino Sanchís, provides medical services in the diagnosis, advice and careful monitoring of their elderly patients.

Dr. Gómez-Reino applies his specialized knowledge at all levels of Geriatrics care: hospital, Day Centers, geriatric medical consultations and in his VistaSol5 Geriatric Residence, a senior center that is under his medical supervision as medical director, working alongside a multidisciplinary healthcare team. He also collaborates with a leading national health insurer, such as Hospital Medical Advisor.

The term geriatrics derived from the Greek "geron" which means elder and "iatrikos", medical treatment. Thus a discipline arises within the medical sciences that began to develop in the United Kingdom.

Since his return to Spain as a specialist in Geriatrics, Dr. Gómez-Reino has been a great defender of the dissemination of his specialty, which over the time is getting the recognition he deserves for the work of each and every one of the geriatricians of this country, getting the place the specialty deserves in medical fields. 

Thus, the physician attends to multiple-pathological patients, through the diagnosis, treatment and clinical monitoring of all types of dementias and their behavioral and sleep disorders, depression, Parkinson's disease and its complications, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, among other pathologies.

“Our patients’ health is the most important thing - says Dr. Gómez-Reino from the senior centre he directs - therefore all our services are based on the prescription, advice and periodic monitoring careful that I personally perform always keeping in mind their computerized medical history, review and treatment changes , as well as consultation and information services to family members alongside the daily clinical sessions with the rest of the social and health team that works at the centre”. Apart from this, they also have the "Respiro Program", a service for weekend, monthly or single days, which includes attention and overnight in the centre.

His good work, his dedication and the attention devoted to the patient, have made him awarded in the National Prizes of Medicine of the present year in the category of geriatrics. On the doctor’s words, the award received has been “very important, since it recognizes my specialty, which is quite unknown. Now people start to realize and collaborate with us more and more.” The doctor has made a dent, not only in the national scene, but also in the international one. Therefore, the organization has decided to grant the European Award in Medicine in the same category, in recognition of its work and further promoting the exercise of geriatrics in general.


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