She is an expert in gynaecologist and anti-ageing medicine and holds the Vice President of European Society of Aesthetic Gynaecology

Doctor Maria Papadopoulou is a dedicated gynaecologist and anti-ageing specialist with more than 18 years of clinical experience and recognised by the ABAARM (American Board of Anti-Ageing and Retrograde Medicine).

She is currently based in London at the Bader Medical Institute and in Dubai, but has travelled the world training in Greece and in the United States of America to become the expert she is today in her field.

The Bader Medical Institute offers the full list of diagnostics on Gynaecology, led by Dr. Maria Papadopoulou. Her dedication to the patients alongside with her continuous training on the latest updates in this field give her a special ability to be one of the best gynaecologists in the UK.

She is specialist in Obstetrics & Gynaecology, as well as American Board of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine and member of the European Society of Aesthetic Gynaecology, member of the World Association of Laparoscopic Surgeons (WALS), member of the Panhellenic Medical Association, European Association of Taiwan Studies (EATS), European Society of Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology and member of the Hellenic Association of Serology and Breast Cancer.

Dr. Papadopoulou is also an expert in cosmetic gynaecology and hormonal issues, known for her caring and patient-centred approach.

Facing the age and the increasing demand of everyone to look younger is one of the most common life style habits. The ageing process is associated with multi external factors which might affect how we look but the most important factors are coming from inside our body itself. The doctor uses the newest and most sophisticated methods of detecting hormonal imbalances, heavy metal toxicity and oxidative stress. She is collaborating with high-end compounding pharmacies, so she is making tailor-made prescriptions using only bio-identical hormones and natural supplements for her patients. Her deep medical knowledge, the holistic approach and her gynaecological background make her a unique expert in the field of anti-aging medicine.

Hormonal function plays the most important role in the cellular ageing process. Hormonal imbalance could be the reason of having wrickled face or dry skin, gaining weight, losing hair or even lacking libido. New techniques and state-of-the-art technologies could solve these problems in a very simple way. Dr. Maria Papadopoulou’s expertise and professionalism guarantee successful results and a better quality of life with safety.

She is also a well-known international speaker and advisor to many respected consultancy companies in the medical industry. She participates as a lecturer in ESAG’s training courses, where doctors from around the world come to be trained in cosmetic gynaecology and anti-ageing medicine.

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