Expert in psychosocial risks and developmental psychopathology, he offers his services also online via telephone or Skype all over the world

Ariel SIMONY is a psychologist who came alone in France from Marocco to get a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology at CNAM – Paris and a Master 2 of Social Psychology at Paris VIII University.With over 10 years of experience behind him, he began his career working in an hospital to ameliorate the collaboration between nurses and medical practitioners for the well-curing of theirs patients

After then he works in recognised French association called APEC who helps senior manager for professional mobility to make them having more self-esteem and self-confidence for boosting their career

Getting more self-esteem and self-confidence for himself, he started his own practice for psychotherapy and coaching in Gennevilliers (France). He works also for personal and business people collaborating with consulting firms.

Multidisciplinary and multicultural, Ariel SIMONY uses several therapeutic and developmental methods such as psychoanalysis, counseling, neurolinguistic programming (NLP) , Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT) and hypnosis adapting himself  to the culture and way of being of the person, for pleasant and effective consultations. He also proposes personality tests in order to accelerate the therapeutic process and aim for a personal development perspective. 

Ariel SIMONY works with children, teenagers, adults and also with couples and families that are suffering from emotional or stress problems. The number of sessions varies depending on the case and the person. “A session can sometimes be enough. It all depends on the depth of the problem and the purpose”. Ariel SIMONY and his patient together point out.

Growing up, he was animating groups all over the country, from Marseille to Lille until he begun to extend his services in Marocco whom he helps people for psychosocial development and in Israel whom he helps for social integration and to prevent discrimination.

Wishing to help also people all over the world who needs urgent psychological support orcould hardly access to this service in their area, he develop by a website,  called DIRECTPSY,  the possibility to consult online for advices, psy-coaching and psychotherapy.  For exemple, during the terrorist attacks in 2015, Ariel Simony offered free counselling for children and their families who been traumatised, by Facebook. Being one of the most visited psychological website, tens of people let their testimony for say “thank you to Ariel SIMONY who saved my life”

Today, he’s traveling for conferences and coaching groups about psychosocial risks  and developmental psychopathologyfrom France to Israel and from Israel to Marrocco and maybe in other countries of Europe with the communication of European Awards in Medicine.



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