His professional activity is focused on the development of the clinical management of the CEyDES laboratory and on the medical consultation in areas of chronic pathology

With more than 40 years of experience behind him and a lifetime surrounded by medical professionals (he is the fourth generation of doctors in his family), Dr. Juan Antonio Abascal Ruiz stands out for his activity and research around Clinical Epidemiology.

He graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Zaragoza in 1973, specializing in Preventive Medicine and Public Health from the same university in 1978, with stays in France, Belgium and West Africa.

He has dedicated his career to research and develop new techniques in the field of preventive medicine, having as main work actions medical management and clinical assistance and cost-efficient work in areas of chronic pathology in the framework of Integrative Medicine. “I believe that all the work we can develop based on professional consensus moving towards personalized medicine in chronic diseases, with the application of minimally disruptive therapies from Primary Care, will make the Health System more efficient and equitable. Preventive medicine must leave its theoretical conceptual framework and put all its extensive background of knowledge, through cross-cutting actions, at the service of both management and health care at all levels of action,” says the doctor.

Dr. Abascal, as a specialist in Microbiology and Parasitology, provides support, diagnosis and treatment in the areas of microbiology and clinical epidemiology, sexually transmitted diseases and infectious diseases. 

He focuses his activity on the field of chronic diseases and functional syndromes, paying special attention to those pathologies that have an impact on patient’s live, or may become a cause of social marginalization for both the patient and his family.

He is author, co-author and director of three books on professional themes, edited by the Center for Health Studies and Developments, the University of Zaragoza and Editorial Planeta and in this year 2019 he will publish “Epidemos”, collective work of Epidemiology, an international work that he coordinates and directs.

He has been a principal investigator at the FISS and is an expert in Delphi Methodology. Collaborates actively in volunteer actions in NGOs. Doctor Juan Antonio Abascal knows the reality of marginality in Healthcare in which many nations in the world live. “These States have responsibility with their health systems and donor countries have co-responsibility in their maintenance and we must demand compliance with that responsibility,” explains the doctor.

In this sense, he recalls the real global dangers to which we are all exposed, and highlights the importance of vaccines in a constantly changing global world in which we face problems we thought were overcome. “There is a false confidence that medicine and antibiotics cure everything,” says Dr. Abascal, who emphasizes the need for “a Civil Society that knows all this problem and is capable of co-managing and energizing Global Health.”


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