He is one of the first hair transplant doctors in Turkey, and has been performing successful hair transplant operations in his clinic since 2013

Dr. Serkan Aygin, being amongst one of the first medical teams to perform hair transplantation in Turkey, has been practicing in the field of hair-loss treatments since 1996. The doctor is currently a member of International Society of Dermatology.

Dr. Serkan offering medical services at his clinic, which he established under his name, has built the foundation of Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic emphasizing quality in all services provided with the aim to achieve successful operations and to make his patients feel at ease and at home. Within this period, Dr. Serkan Aygin and his medical team have performed hair transplant procedures on many patients coming from European and Arap countries and as a result of the successful outcomes of these operations, the demand has continued to rise with each passing year, transforming Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic into a clinic that offers hair transplantation services at international quality standards in Turkey. Unbiased news about Dr. Serkan Aygin and Hair Transplantation in Turkey, has been published on many reputed international television channels, printed media and online news websites. With FUE technique, Dr. Serkan Aygin has treated a large number of patients across the globe who have come through references and by evaluating the hair transplant results obtained, he has always been in the quest for making continuous improvements to the techniques practiced, the medical devices used and in process development. 

The doctor also practices the DHI technique for hair transplant procedures; a method that differs from the FUE technique in the way the grafts are transplanted and he always selects the most appropriate method that is consistent with the needs of each patient.

He incorporated the application of needle-free anaesthesia into hair transplant procedures with the aim to reduce the pain felt during the anaesthesia process. He is the leading name who introduced the Sapphire FUE technique to Turkey in the beginning of the year 2018. Dr. Serkan Aygin continues to perform hair transplant procedures with the DHI technique and Sapphire FUE technique; a new method which he has recently adopted. Having a highly respected international reputation, Dr. Serkan Aygin regularly attends international conferences, meetings as well as symposiums. He gives lectures on the recent developments in hair transplantation and shares his experiences with the participants invited. During his visits to foreign countries, he also comes together with his former patients and keeps track of their hair transplant results.

Alongside with his medical profession, Dr. Serkan Aygin also has a passion for art. He collects unique and valuable art-pieces and enjoys to display some of his artwork within the clinic. The clinic also attracts the attention of patients coming from abroad, with its aesthetical, modern and refreshing environment and through the artwork that incorporates ways of creating a spiritual atmosphere.


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