Powered by plants, people and purpose

The Naked Collective is an Irish carbon neutral start up beverage company which mission is to make the world a healthier, better place, one drink at-a-time. Its drinks are basically made with plants, vitamins and water.

Founded by Catherina Butler & Niall Phelan in 2019 The Naked Collective’s products address the gap in the market for truly healthy functional drinks. Attitudes are moving towards clean, healthy, and natural ingredients with consumers looking for healthier options when choosing beverages in a drive towards “better for you” lifestyles.

According to the company, six out of ten people globally are concerned with the impact on the environment of the beverages they consume. Therefore, they offer consumers vegan better-for-you beverages, brewed to purpose that disrupt the beverage category: Mude, a range of sparkling, natural, functional beverages infused with organic botanicals for functional efficacy and So.Beer a non-alcoholic lager with benefits. Both drinks are packed with complex B vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are retained during their unique brewing process.

Sustainability is at the core of everything The Naked Collective does. Their drinks are carbon neutral, all their packaging is always recyclable or compostable because ‘good for you’ means ‘good for the planet’ they stand. Its sustainability lens is firmly in focus in all decisions. The company believes in responsible business and The Naked Collective commits to highlighting and addressing social issues, affecting people and the planet. They aim to do good in everything they do, by giving more than they take and creating a legacy that they are proud of. Consumers can be confident that The Naked Collective’s products are good for their health & wellbeing, good to taste and good for the planet.

The brand is in the first 100 founding members of Positive, a movement of change-maker businesses making a Net-Positive impact. Positive’s uniqueness comes from its focus on systemic change and vision of a Regenerative economy.


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