Defining and delivering “true premium”

Mentors & Partners Group is a Hungarian-American company specialising in business development. The company was founded in 2001, and since then has developed its partners via strategic consulting, business mentoring, management and sales development programs, recruitment activities, management of international market entry, and brand and image management

The professionals at Mentors & Partners Group (MPG) have 22 years of experience and the knowledge gained from developing more than 550 successful organisations, ranging in size from small business units of 20 people to multinationals with international networks of over 100,000 employees. MPG is also one of the only firms in the world that works heavily in sports; athletes mentored by MPG won 4 golds, 2 silvers, and 4 bronzes at the Tokyo Olympics.

The company focuses on quality, not quantity, in its organisational development work, which is why its collaborations are limited in quantity, with dozens of experts working simultaneously to make an organisation successful. Partnerships start with a specific organisational development challenge or task and then broaden to support more and more areas within the same organisation.

MPG is an international mentoring firm, but its guiding principle is to remain a consulting firm that works with a smaller number of partners in order to support those partners with a premium quality of service, where the partner can always rely on professionals with the highest level of expertise. In addition, the firm’s senior mentor, who is one of the most respected organisational development professionals internationally, is actively involved in the supervision of the professional programmes and the strategic work of each partner.

MPG’s organisational development focuses on giving people in the organisation an ownership mindset, turning the organisation’s teams into winning teams, and developing the organisation to simultaneously promote the company’s goals and the happiness of its members.

The professional backbone of its organisational development programmes is the RISE Human Development System, the world’s most in-depth and complex personality and behavioural analysis system, with a methodology that interprets individual generations and social processes.


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