Cloning a genetically healthy animal identical to an existing one is possible with Ovoclone

Juan Restrepo, CCO

Ovoclone was born out of the experience of the professionals that make up the OVO Group; a team of more than 150 specialists including embryologists, veterinarians and researchers. Today it is one of the best groups in reproductive medicine and cell cryopreservation.

Within the Ovoclone project, we find Ovohorse; equine assisted reproduction services to help preserve the legacy of horses and mares through the most advanced techniques of the moment (OPU - ICSI, genetic bank, embryo cryopreservation...).

The specialised team of Ovoclone and Ovohorse, made up of embryologists, veterinarians and researchers, has managed to implement animal cloning in Spain. This technique makes cloning a genetically healthy animal identical to an existing one possible. To carry out the cloning, it is necessary to perform a biopsy of the animal to obtain cells that are need to start the replication process. Once the sample has been obtained, the professionals who make up Ovoclone are in charge of the whole process, cultivating and developing the cells to obtain an embryo identical to the original animal (dog, cat, horse or camel). Thanks to their experience in cell cryopreservation, the Ovohorse and Ovoclone team also has a gene bank for embryo cryopreservation and cell freezing available for future treatment. This genetic bank is currently undergoing research process to achieve improvements in equine oocyte´s vitrification.

Ovoclone is the perfect combination of quality technology, highly qualified professionals and years of experience in assisted reproduction.

The innovative project is led by the embryologist and CEO of the OVO Group: Enrique Criado Scholz. His professional career has been distinguished by numerous achievements in the field of assisted human reproduction. He has worked as an embryologist in the best clinics of  Italy and the US, training in the most recent laboratory techniques and conducting research that has improved cell freezing protocols. “We are constantly innovating, developing new procedures and improving laboratory protocols to optimize the results of genetic preservation and animal cloning.” says CEO Enrique Criado.

The project combines the knowledge in equine cloning and reproduction of Dr. Andrés Gambini, scientific director, veterinarian and pioneer in obtaining the first cloned horse in Argentina and Latin America, and the experience in human reproduction and laboratory medicine of embryologist Enrique Criado.


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