Key opnion leader in facial treatments with neuromodulators and fillers, and pioneer in the use of Vaser and Renuvion technologies for body shaping in Spain

Dr Alejandro Acuña with his children

Dr. Alejandro Acuña is an aesthetic doctor of recognized international prestige who stands out for his extensive professional experience in the world of aesthetic medicine. He has extensive knowledge in different treatments and has dedicated part of his professional career to the training of other doctors.

He stands out for his contribution to the sector, introducing its own techniques for the tridimensional rejuvenation of the face with Botulinum toxin type A and hyaluronic acid, in addition to working with the latest technology in body shaping treatment where it has been the pioneer in Spain of devices such as vaser and reuvion for the retraction of the skin.

However, his success remains in complementing the facial part with the body part, thus achieving a total rejuvenation in a single session and most importantly with his own techniques that have gone around Spain since he is the key opinion leader of important laboratories, such as Galderma, or devices such as Vaser and Renuvion.

The main reason for its great success lies in the final step, in which the Renuvion device (radiofrequency plus helium) achieves a retraction of up to 60% in the skin, leaving flaccid and post-liposuction skin smoother, and avoiding a large number of tummy tucks.

Through this technology, the doctor manages to provide natural and highly satisfactory results for the patient in areas of the body such as: face, jowls, arms, pectorals, abdomen, back, waist, holsters, crotch and knees, calves and ankles.

His facial and body techniques such as lipoelite, microfit 4D and liposft 6D, are introductions by the doctor to the Spanish market to obtain better results, in a minimally invasive way, allowing a more comfortable post-treatment and minimizing the risks inherent in these techniques.

His philosophy is based on a service close to the patient, with totally personalized attention. In his consultation, the doctor advises and guides patients in the treatment they need and that best suits their needs, with the aim of achieving the desired results.


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