More than 30 years in the sector and pioneers in the implementation of circuits in shopping centers and leisure areas

Jose López Rivas, CEO

Paris Dakart Área Recreativahas developed an innovative business concept of karting circuits, which basic principles are: safety, beautiful circuits and profitability.

The brand has patented the safest protective barrier on the market: Protex Karting. It is insensitive to the effect of atmospheric agents, resistant to chemical agents and is not attacked by bacteria or microorganisms. It is highly resistant to impacts and, being made of flexible materials, cushions shocks, reducing the risk of injury. The flexibility of the barrier is adjustable, and can be modified depending on the area of ??the circuit. In addition, after the impacts, it recovers the initial position without the intervention of the circuit operators, avoiding jams. Its color serves as signaling of the circuit layout without the need to add indicators or paints.

The brand is a pioneer in the implementation of circuits in shopping centers and leisure areas, achieving, through the design of its circuits, the best integration in the community of shopping center operators.

Racing Dakart is located in the heart of the Rías Baixas, in Galicia, Spain. It has an outdoor recreational area with more than ??80,000 square meters, which houses: a 1,000-meter-long adult circuit, equipped with the best karts and approved for national tests; a children’s circuit of 200 meters; road driving and sports driving school; cafeteria-viewpoint, from where you can see a magnificent view of the entire circuit; a 9-hole mini-golf course; a zip line; free trampoline for the little ones and an Aqua Kart service, which can be enjoyed in the 30,000 square meter lake that also offers canoe rides.

The innovative activity of Aqua Karting has been developed by Paris Dakart Área Recreativa after designing and patenting the world’s first fully automatic and safe water kart. It has numerous advantages over jet skis, since by having a lower center of gravity, they allow turns of up to 360º, without being thrown, without tipping over and with great stability. They are easy to use and the user manages to finish the test without getting wet. Its success is expected to spread even more globally, since it has been very successful at international fairs in Frankfort, Dusseldorf or Madrid.


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