Specialist in minimally invasive medical and surgical techniques for neurological and spinal problems

Dr Kelvin Piña

Doctor Kelvin Manuel Piña is an expert neurosurgeon in minimally invasive spine surgery, endoscopic spine surgery, brain tumours, and complex spinal pathology.

The doctor is characterized by maintaining a direct, open and personalized relationship with his patients, evaluating and informing about the best therapeutic alternatives. Currently, he works as an assistant doctor of the Neurosurgery services of the Central University Hospital of Asturias, Clínica Asturias, Hospital Begoña, Fundación Hospital de la Reina and Hospital San Juan de Dios de León.

In 2019, doctor Piña performed, at the Central University Hospital of Asturias, the first decompressive spinal surgery by endoscopy on a 74-year-old patient with reduced mobility.

In addition, doctor Kelvin Manuel Piña has founded the Instituto Konarium, which he currently directs. From this centre, he works with the aim of achieving the best results based on the expectations raised, with a great professional team that includes: Neurosurgery, Traumatology, Rehabilitation, Psychology and Nutrition. It is a clinic specialized in advanced endoscopic and minimally invasive surgical techniques.

Within minimally invasive spine surgery, the Instituto Konarium puts into practice percutaneous surgical techniques: endoscopic, microscopic and microendoscopic. Thus, they treat degenerative and traumatic pathologies of the spine such as lumbar and cervical disc herniations, lumbar instability or lumbar spondylolisthesis, interspinous implants, narrow lumbar or cervical spinal canal and spinal canal stenosis.

Doctor Kelvin Manuel Piña, in addition to being a doctor and surgeon specializing in neurosurgery, is a neuroscientist, science communicator and teaching collaborator at the University of Oviedo in the Neuroanatomy and Neuropathology chairs.

Doctor Piña stands out for his interest in the dissemination of knowledge in the area of ??neuroscience, minimally invasive approaches to the spine, and the principles of surgical wound management.


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