The institution-first digital asset marketplace

Mark Richardson 

Zodia Markets is an institution-first digital asset marketplace whose mission is to make the unfamiliar, familiar. They are the trusted institutional trading partner for corporations and institutions who want to trade in digital assets, but who don’t want to compromise on the standards and principles associated with traditional finance. Zodia Markets is backed by SC Ventures, the innovation, and ventures unit of Standard Chartered, and BC Technology Group, Asia’s leading digital asset company and parent of SFC-licensed digital asset platform OSL.

Global institutions and corporations need to access digital asset markets, their way. That’s why Zodia Markets is designed institution first. Our bespoke services are offered to institutional partners globally.

Zodia Markets enables institutional clients to participate in digital asset markets with familiar execution styles including broker-aided facilitation and order-book driven trading. They offer a non-custodial trading model with a network of trusted custodians, ensuring clients retain ownership of their assets.

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