Transforming businesses through mindset change

Alicia Malumbres and Íñigo Manso

We are living through the greatest moment of transformation in human history. Everything around us is changing faster and faster. But what is changing the least is people, and especially our mindset.

That is why bchange emerges as a positive impact company that responds to a universal unmet need: the transformation of people's mindset in the workplace. bchange has created a new category: Mindset Management®, establishing itself as the only company in the world that offers such innovative and vital services for companies to successfully respond to the New Age.

Its digitally native approach is combined with a strong database and integrated AI technology. bchange stands out for its ability to anticipate and model mindset changes through Machine Learning, which is based on a deep understanding of how the mindset works and how it can change over time. By harnessing the power of Machine Learning, bchange can offer organisations a clearer view of the challenges and opportunities they face in their transformation process. Because digital transformation is not just about technology, it's about people. 

bchange content explores concepts from neuroscience and business psychology, which provoke personal reflection and apply to real business challenges. 

They offer a holistic solution for mindset transformation: Neuromanagement provides an understanding of how the brain works and how it influences our actions and decisions. It increases self-awareness. StoryLearning, with a cinematographic style, uses narratives and audiovisual material that engages the user with their own learning, where they go from being a spectator to a main character, allowing them to increase their personal responsibility for change, and People Intelligence takes advantage of valuable data to better understand people and the dynamics of the organisation.

bchange works with all types of clients and industries across three continents: Public Administrations, IBEX 35 companies, multinationals and also small companies.

bchange is made up of 13 partners who have held senior management positions in various companies. The managing partners, Alicia Malumbres and Íñigo Manso, bring a wealth of experience that totals more than 55 years in the world of people consulting and innovation. This experience and dedication are fundamental to successfully fulfil its purpose: "To help transform companies through mindset change".



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