Driving digital transformation and sustainability in smart cities

Xavier Sancliment, CEO

Peakway, a leading company in technology consulting and solution development, has solidified its position in the Smart Cities field in Spain and is expanding towards Latin America and the United States. Founded in 2015 by engineer and psychologist Xavier Sancliment Casadejús, Peakway has been dedicated to assisting public and private organizations in adapting to digital environments, promoting innovation, and the use of advanced technologies.

The company works with clients throughout Spain, Andorra, and now also in Latin America and the United States. Their versatility enables them to offer support services in digital transformation for various types of businesses. Peakway's expertise is evident in projects ranging from the digitization of processes to the implementation of technological solutions and the pursuit of funding for sustainable urban projects. 

The company focuses on two key areas. Firstly, they are engaged in digitalization and digital transformation projects, automating processes and digitizing services to enhance efficiency and reduce costs. Additionally, they develop their own products, such as Firmasuite, and utilize the Gladtolink platform to tailor their offerings to the specific needs of their clients.

Secondly, Peakway specializes in urban energy efficiency projects, contributing to decarbonization and the reduction of CO2 emissions in cities. This includes the renovation of public lighting, energy improvements in municipal buildings, the implementation of renewable energy, and the pursuit of suitable financing.

A distinctive feature of Peakway is their ability to find funding models that make project execution possible. They have secured over 220 million euros for diverse projects, from public lighting renovations in multiple cities to more ambitious endeavours like the one in Gijón.

A representative example is the energy improvement project at the University of Oviedo campuses, where they aim to enhance the learning environment for students through energy improvements. Peakway always seeks a positive impact on society and not just a focus on technology.

Finally, Peakway concentrates on secure and decentralized digital identity solutions in collaboration with Validated ID, offering products like Werify to facilitate citizen interaction with public services in an agile and secure manner.

Peakway has amassed over 500 clients and has executed numerous strategic and pivotal projects in the realm of Smart Cities. They have secured over 220 million euros in funding and have been recognized with the National Technology Award in the Smart City category and the European Technology Award in the same category. Their focus on technological innovation, energy efficiency, and sustainability positions them as a leader in their field, driving the development of smart cities in Spain and beyond.



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