Long-Term Digital Preservation Solutions

Jacobo Vera, CEO and Antonio Guillermo Martínez, founder and head of product

In an increasingly digitized world, where information and knowledge are generated and stored in digital format, digital obsolescence has become one of the most serious headaches faced by institutional data managers. The inability to access, read or use electronic data because the technology required to do so is no longer available is an ongoing problem. Just in year 2022, it is estimated that more than 3 billion digital files were lost worldwide, as a consequence of technological obsolescence or physical damage to their storage.

Little by little, institutions and companies are realizing that storage is not preservation. Digital preservation goes beyond storage. It ensures that digital files are at all times updated to the latest version of the program in which they were created. In this way, it ensures access to files over time (ten, thirty or one hundred years in the future) and the traceability of any changes that a piece of data may have undergone. Increasingly strict sectoral regulations and data protection laws have contributed to the awakening of industries to this need.

In this context, LIBNOVA has emerged as a world leader in the digital preservation field. LIBNOVA offers technologically advanced solutions to ensure that large volumes of data are available and accessible for very long periods of time. Founded in 2009, it began its journey with a strong presence in the academic, cultural, and scientific sectors, where the need to preserve digital information is part of the DNA of its services.

The success of its solution led LIBNOVA to a rapid international expansion and, in a very short time, to work with world-class organizations both in the academic sector, with universities such as Stanford, Princeton, Oxford or Cambridge; in the cultural sector, with institutions such as The British Library, the Spanish National Library or UNESCO; and in the scientific sector, such as CERN, the pharmaceutical company BAYER or the U.S. Department of Nuclear Energy. In recent years, its growth has been exponential. Today LIBNOVA is present in more than 20 countries across five continents and has offices in the United States and Spain.

A distinctive aspect of LIBNOVA is its focus on constant innovation. LIBNOVA Research Labs plays a crucial role in this area. It is the department responsible for coordinating research lines related to technological innovation within the company.

One of the standout R&D projects is the ARCHIVER Project (CERN-led €4.8M EU R&D project) focused on the next generation solution for research datasets archiving and preservation at the multi-petabyte scale. This project has positioned LIBNOVA as a leader in the R&D field. LIBNOVA not only won this project, but also achieved a new milestone in the digital preservation industry by ingesting 15PB of data in 1 month (500TB/day), thus providing a reliable solution to the challenge of scalability in research data preservation, and applicable to all fields.

LIBNOVA is established as a world leader in the digital preservation field and technological innovation. Its commitment to excellence, continuous research and the application of advanced technologies make it a pioneer. Its focus on preserving the world's cultural and scientific heritage demonstrates its commitment to a future where digital information is accessible and safe over time.



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