Iconic quality since 1925

Valérie Guérin, key Account manager France

Since its inception in 1925 on a Danish farm, Bang & Olufsen has been synonymous with excellence in the world of sound and home entertainment. This iconic company has built its legacy on the pillars of exceptional sound, impeccable craftsmanship, and cutting-edge design, setting unparalleled standards in the industry.

In its early days, the company was known for its entrepreneurial and innovative spirit. In 1925, Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen revolutionized the radio industry with the creation of the Eliminator, the first product of its kind that could be plugged directly into the wall, eliminating the need for batteries. This milestone marked the beginning of a tradition of innovation that endures to this day and propels Bang & Olufsen to transform the way we experience the world through sound.

Bang & Olufsen's history is filled with pioneering milestones. The company reinvented the turntable and introduced touch controls that defined an era in consumer electronics. It led in creating universal remote controls and connected speaker systems for the home. Furthermore, its speaker technology remains an industry leader in terms of longevity and upgradability, demonstrating a consistent commitment to excellence. 

Its headquarters houses a globally recognized research and development team focused on acoustics and perception. The company's acoustic engineers dedicate themselves to finely tuning each product, delivering a music listening experience with absolute precision, clarity, and power.

Bang & Olufsen's commitment to quality is reflected in its unparalleled virtual reality laboratory, where its products are tested in various environments to continuously refine the sound experience.

In the 1960s, the brand's motto "We think differently" established them as pioneers in a design approach that embraced risk and experimentation. This has led to many of their products being admired and exhibited in the most relevant art and design museums, such as the MoMA. However, Bang & Olufsen does not settle for creating museum pieces; their goal is continuous improvement.

The company is committed to creating durable products and memorable experiences. Following principles of the circular economy, they promote responsible consumption and strive to make all components of their products replaceable, customizable, and upgradable to ensure their longevity. This sustainable approach is a fundamental component of their business philosophy.

Throughout its history, Bang & Olufsen has maintained a spirit of collaboration and mutual respect. They work with leading talents worldwide to create iconic designs that withstand the test of time, allowing them to remain at the forefront of the industry for almost a century.



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