Quality technological innovation for a sustainable future

DCU Tecnologic is a prominent leading company in the production and distribution of technological products that are not only innovative but also deeply committed to sustainability and environmental respect. Founded a decade ago by Joan Bertrana, and being led by Anna Bertrana, 8 years ago, the company has been dedicated to the manufacturing and distribution of advanced technological products in areas such as audio, video, smart connectivity, smartwtaches, energy, power inverters, and portable batteries.

Technology and electronics are still sectors that move very quickly, it is necessary to have a nose for trends and a medium-term vision, which is why the professionals at DCU Tecnologic have established themselves as the core of their differentiation. This committed and energetic team not only sets trends in the industry, but also embodies the values ??of professionalism and empathy.

DCU Tecnologic aims to challenge the common perception that technological products are merely functional. The company aspires to demonstrate that even technological accessories can blend functionality and style. Moreover, they have expanded their reach to develop both professional and everyday solutions that enrich modern life, offering products that enhance functionality and provide excellent value for money. 

A key pillar of DCU Tecnologic's philosophy is its focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility. The company is committed to reducing single-use plastic consumption and actively promotes recycling and responsible consumption. With a focus on durability and reusability, the company goes against the throwaway mentality. 

The international expansion of DCU Tecnologic, with offices headquarters in Girona, Spain, underscores its commitment to providing innovative and high-quality solutions globally. With a team of over 25 people and extensive facilities, including warehouses, offices, and research and development spaces, the company is well-positioned for continuous growth.

A distinctive factor of DCU Tecnologic is its emphasis on material innovation. By using thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) instead of conventional PVC, the company showcases its dedication to finding more eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives. This commitment to environmentally friendly production aligns with their vision of a more conscious and promising future for future generations.



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