Bespoke technology through an expert partner in custom business solutions

Stefano Bonuccelli, head of sales and marketing departments

Florence One is an Italian company specializing in providing tailored software solutions and services to meet the specific business needs of its clients. With a focus on streamlining business processes and digitalizing information, it assists companies that value these core principles.

Their business consultancy services and software solutions are designed to optimize organizational structures and enhance the efficiency of business processes, resulting in significant benefits in terms of profitability, efficiency, and cost reduction. Florence One takes pride in delivering high-quality services based on its extensive experience and deep knowledge of the field. 

The company helps businesses integrate information systems, enabling efficient coordination and data transfer between various platforms through digital integration. This is essential for effectively exploring new business models. Through enterprise content management, the firm provides tools for intelligent data and business information management, allowing for the maximum utilization of documents' potential. These solutions are customized and adapted to the organizational structure of each company.

Furthermore, Florence One offers cybersecurity measures to protect systems, networks, and programs against digital attacks, ensuring the security of sensitive data and compliance with current regulations. On the other hand, the company develops custom software to address needs that cannot be met with existing products or to enhance the performance of specific business activities. This software can be integrated with existing applications.

Florence One provides specialized support and advice in the implementation and efficient operation of software and hardware through Information Technology consulting, contributing to the continuous growth of companies through periodic analysis of the business reality. 

The company offers solutions to create personalized business networks and innovative hardware architectures that ensure high-speed data transfer within the business environment, respecting the organization of each company.

Moreover, Florence One is dedicated to designing databases that enable efficient organization and access to data managed within the company, facilitating decision-making.

Among the services they offer are e-commerce solutions: the company creates customized B2C and B2B e-commerce platforms for businesses, with a focus on user experience and smooth navigation that can also be integrated with the ERP. 

For companies looking to sell online without the need for their own e-commerce, Florence One offers marketplace solutions that simplify online commercial

Florence One provides solutions and tools for the efficient management of companies' production departments. These solutions allow for production planning, data analysis, and quick and efficient product quality assurance. Their focus on digitalization and information security makes them a valuable partner for any company seeking to optimize their business operations.



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