Empowering language technology for accessibility and innovation

Xabier García de Kortazar, founder and CEO

In the current era of digitization and globalization, language technology plays a fundamental role in communication, accessibility, and efficiency. In this context, a new technology-based company called Trebe has emerged, founded by Xabier García de Kortazar in 2022. This start-up is dedicated to providing translation, transcription, and voice synthesis solutions in Spanish, Basque, Galician, and Catalan, covering Spain's co-official languages and opening up a world of possibilities for the industry and the general public.

One of Trebe's key missions is to enhance accessibility and make language-based technologies accessible to the general public. Their platform, available at trebe.org, offers services that can be easily integrated into various applications and environments. From translators that adapt to the tools used by professional translators to solutions for editing and subtitling multimedia content, Trebe strives to simplify the use of language technologies in everyday life.

However, this new company is not only aimed at the industry and language professionals but also has a broad reach in various sectors. Xabier García de Kortazar's vision is for Trebe's technology to be applied in diverse fields such as healthcare, call centers, and media. A specific example is the use of Trebe in the field of journalism, where a journalist conducting interviews on the street can leverage Trebe's technology to quickly transcribe and translate their recordings, saving time and resources. 

Voice synthesis is one of Trebe's standout features, with highly natural synthetic voices that can be a valuable tool for improving accessibility. For instance, Trebe can convert text into speech, making web navigation easier for individuals with visual impairments. Additionally, voice transcription is a useful tool for people with hearing impairments, demonstrating Trebe's commitment to inclusion and accessibility.

In terms of pricing and options, Trebe offers flexibility to accommodate the needs of its customers. From pay-as-you-go for those who require occasional services to long-term contracts with more advantageous prices, Trebe strives to provide solutions that are affordable and accessible to a wide range of users.



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