A SaaS employee intranet platform designed to adapt to the needs of large enterprises

Norman Devaux, country lead Italy and Iberia

LumApps is a prominent SaaS (Software as a Service) platform specifically designed to meet the needs of large enterprises. With a core philosophy aimed at employee engagement and information as drivers of productivity, LumApps has become a reference in the field of internal communication and employee experience. 

LumApps' mission is clear: to transform the culture and daily life of companies by engaging every employee through personalised communications and experiences. This translates into a more connected and collaborative work environment where the voice of every team member is heard and valued. 

One of LumApps' most distinctive features is its ability to personalise communication and information for each employee, regardless of their location, language, or device. This fosters a sense of belonging and aligns communications with corporate strategy, creating a more cohesive and productive work environment.

LumApps stands out for its comprehensive solutions, including knowledge management and seamless integration with top-tier business applications. This ensures that employees have access to trusted resources and the necessary tools to enhance their productivity throughout the day.

Furthermore, LumApps' platform sets itself apart with its attractive and customizable design, allowing companies to add a personal touch to their digital hub. Their focus on collaboration is reflected in the customer support and continuous assistance provided to companies in their pursuit of success.

LumApps also offers LumApps Journeys, a campaign orchestration engine focused on employees, providing accurate and relevant information at the right time through various devices and communication channels.

LumApps is a platform that goes beyond being a mere collaborative social intranet solution, as it adapts to the ever-evolving needs of employees. Its emphasis on engagement, personalised communication, and productivity makes it a crucial choice for large enterprises looking to transform their culture and enhance the lives of their employees.



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