More than a software company with a hardware solution

Allan Kaczmarek, founder

SwipBox® is more than a software company with a hardware solution. Their constant focus on convenient solutions for logistics providers, retailers, and consumers drives them toward infrastructural innovation.

From running a joint network of indoor screen-operated parcel lockers to supplying app-operated outdoor lockers, SwipBox has kept abreast of developments in the market since it was founded by Allan Kaczmarek in 2012. Within just two weeks of its foundation, the first 400 parcel lockers were installed in Denmark. They now have 40,000+ parcel lockers worldwide.

All developments and innovations have taken their starting point in the company’s focus on creating the world’s best user experience for delivering and picking up parcels using parcel lockers. Through a combination of intuitive network management software and hassle-free, app-operated parcel lockers, they deliver maximum convenience to logistics providers, retailers and end users alike while reducing operational costs for their partners.

Among their services, product design stands out. At their headquarters in Sønderborg, Denmark, you will find the creative thinkers behind their parcel lockers, whose constant focus on aesthetics and functionality ensures a highly practical design. In fact, all lockers, no matter the number of compartments and combination of compartment sizes, have the same dimensions. This means that it is easy for logistics providers to ensure a clean look and feel when combining different models on one location. 

Furthermore, SwipBox is dedicated to software development. Their software team is committed to ensuring that the technology used in their parcel lockers enables easy and intuitive interaction – from online network management and business intelligence tools to the apps used to operate their lockers.

When it comes to hardware, their team of hardware engineers focuses on developing robust parcel lockers with a long lifespan through the use of quality materials, which results in minimum service costs.Efficiency is another focus point thought into the hardware construction, which boasts a high level of recyclability. In fact, 98.8% of the material can be split into recyclable components, reducing the environmental impact.



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