Born to revolutionize conventional approach to HR management and its impact on business

Laura León

Fresh People revolutionizes HR management, reshaping traditional practices for business impact. In today's competitive landscape, establishing and sustaining high-performance teams is crucial. Fresh People helps organizations through an ecosystem of AI, proprietary software, and specialized services, simplifying the development of highly productive teams. 

Collaborating with leading and rapidly growing organizations, Fresh People solve challenges such as talent retention and team alignment. Their mission revolves around helping companies build, nurture, and retain high-performance teams using sustainable models and effective feedback processes, always emphasizing people, technology, and business outcomes.

As businesses evolve amidst a generational shift, the importance of people management has surged. While areas like Marketing, Product, and Technology have evolved, people management remains stuck in outdated practices. Recognizing this gap, Fresh People works to reposition people management at the core of innovative enterprises, empowering HR teams to play a strategic role in long-term organizational success. 

Fresh People proposes a paradigm shift in people management through an ecosystem that integrates technology and support services. Revolutionary solutions like Talent Booster and Fresh Copilot focus on agile, efficient team management with relatively low cognitive load for managers, centered on action plans to foster growth. 

Driven by AI, these tools provide a proactive mentoring experience for team leaders and facilitate the digitization of feedback meetings, ensuring management aligns with organization's values, corporate culture, and expected behaviors for each position. For instance, Fresh Copilot, an AI customized as a real-time advisor, helps managers in more effective personnel management, considering the unique circumstances of each company, department, and employee.

Specialized services extend to creating structures for effective growth. Fresh People collaborates closely with clients to cultivate a high-performance culture, promoting talent development and enabling individuals to understand their contribution to the business. This positions Fresh People as a strategic partner in organizational growth. 

Adapting their business model to meet the changing needs of clients, Fresh People targets companies with a strong human component. Notable clients include Acciona, Telefónica, La Liga, Media Markt, Mercadona Tech, Family Cash, and others, all leveraging Fresh People's products and services for competitiveness over the next five years.

Their rapid revenue growth underscores customer satisfaction and their ability to generate positive recommendations. Remarkably, 90% of new clients come from referrals by satisfied customers. The future looks promising for Fresh People, with a commitment to viewing technology as an end in itself, they see it as a means to enhance people management.


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