Pioneers in immediate-load dental implantology and leaders in success rates

Dr Alberto Vericat

The Spanish firm Vericat Implantología Inmediata is a prominent leader in the field of dental implantology and immediate load oral rehabilitation. Founded in 1999 by oral surgeon Dr Alberto Vericat, the clinic has earned a reputation both nationally and internationally thanks to its innovation, super-specialization, and high success rates.

Vericat's exclusive focus on dental implantology has resulted in an impressive track record, with over 12,000 successful implants performed annually and its status as a reference centre for over 200 dentists in Spain. Their philosophy is based on three core values: rigor, passion, and respect, which are reflected in every aspect of their work, from precise diagnosis to minimally invasive treatments, putting the patient at the center of all their actions.

At Vericat Implantología Inmediata, oral health and aesthetics are closely intertwined, as they understand that good oral aesthetics have a positive impact on health and personal confidence. Their treatments are designed to improve both the function and appearance of the mouth and teeth.

The clinic's success is based on their immediate load technique, which allows patients to have fixed teeth in just one day. This innovation has revolutionized the patient experience, significantly reducing waiting times compared to conventional treatments. Furthermore, Vericat is committed to ensuring the durability and functionality of their implants if patients follow care and maintenance guidelines. 

The clinic has established the Severe Maxillary Atrophy Unit to address complex cases, offering advanced solutions for patients with bone resorption. The use of zygomatic implants anchored in the cheekbone has provided exceptional results in these cases, offering hope to patients facing difficult situations.

Vericat's expansion continues with eight clinical centres and two training centres in the Valencian Community and Madrid. Additionally, through their Vericat Formación division, they offer training programs for dentists and physicians from around the world, attracting those seeking to refine their skills in advanced implantology. With their rigorous approach, passion for excellence, and respect for the patient, Vericat Implantología Inmediata stands as a leader in their field and continues their mission to provide smiles for a lifetime.

Vericat's success story knows no bounds, as their expansion plan is ongoing, with the goal of bringing their innovative dental solutions to new locations and further improving the quality of life of patients through oral rehabilitation. Moreover, their training division has become an international benchmark in advanced dental education.


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