Pioneers in Functional and Integrated Medicine, transforming lives with natural healthcare 

Dr Laurens Maas

With 30 years of experience, The Maas Clinic has established itself at the forefront of Functional and Integrated Medicine—a science-based, natural, and holistic approach to achieve optimum health. The Maas Clinic blends Western and Eastern Medicine to provide top-tier medical care to its international roster of clients. The Maas Clinic utilizes pioneering digital technology and scientific testing to closely monitor and validate their clients' progress.

Led by Dr Laurens Maas, a doctor of Integrated Medicine (USA) and an eminent osteopath, Laurens is an internationally renowned leader in the field of Functional and Integrated Medicine.

Dr Laurens Maas has been in osteopathic practice for thirty years. His  namesake business—The Maas Clinic—has been around since early 2000. Laurens' first  clinic was based in Barbados, where his wife Cathie is from.

Laurens and his wife Cathie worked closely with the Barbados Parliament and Ministry  of Health to get Osteopathy recognized as a paramedical profession in Barbados enabling their clients to get fair insurance recognition. They succeeded in 1997, and  Barbados now has numerous registered osteopaths on its shores thanks to Laurens and Cathie's pioneering work.

In 2014, Laurens and Cathie moved back to England, where they had met, with their  three children. Laurens' mission to empower people to heal themselves, to bolster their immunity, and to pursue a healthier, more vibrant, purposeful, and long life, using natural methods only, continued in the UK.

The Maas Method, as it is now called, is the culmination of Laurens' decades-long experience. It blends a combination of both lab-based Biophysics (the science) and  Functional Medicine (the nature) and develops treatment programs that encompass a range of dietary adjustments, nutritional supplements, and lifestyle changes to empower clients to take control of their health and wellbeing.

Most recently Laurens has further specialized in the field of genetics. Laurens implements genetic testing, epigenetics and nutrigenomics to optimize his clients’ gene expression, limiting the likelihood of falling ill with genetic conditions such as cardiovascular disease, neurological illnesses and chronic allergies. 

Currently, The Maas Clinic has a client base of 6000+ and treats clients from around the world, both in person in their two UK locations—West Sussex and London—and virtually via their Telehealth clinic.



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