Forensic medicine research to unravel the mysteries of sudden cardiac death and hyperthermia

Dr Emina Derviševic

Dr Emina Derviševic, a prominent figure in forensic medicine, is making significant contributions to the field through her research at the University of Sarajevo's Department of Forensic Medicine. With expertise in primary care, general medicine, and biomedicine, Dr Derviševi? has become a respected authority in the medical community. 

At the young age of 32, Dr Derviševic completed her Ph.D., and since then, she has authored over 30 original scientific research papers, three projects, and two books. Her work demonstrates her deep understanding and passion for forensic medicine.

Dr Derviševic's primary focus is on evaluating and understanding the forensic significance of improving causes of death. She is particularly interested in investigating the role of hyperthermia as a cause of sudden cardiac death. Though limited, current scientific data suggest a causal relationship between hyperthermia and cardiac responses. Dr Derviševi?'s aim is to establish a pathophysiological mechanism leading to sudden cardiac death caused by high temperatures. Her ground-breaking research involves comparing pre and post-mortem conditions and requires further evaluation using experimental studies and human material analysis. 

Acknowledging the importance of her work, Dr Derviševic actively participates in international congresses, where she presents her research through oral and poster presentations. She has made notable contributions at conferences such as the Congress of Family Medicine in Sarajevo (2018), the Congress of Forensic Medicine in Pula (2018), and the International Association of Legal Medicine (IALM) conference in 2021. In addition, she has pursued specialized education, including courses on juvenile osteology and advanced paleopathology.

Dr Derviševic's dedication extends beyond academic achievements. She advocates for the inclusion of forensic medicine registries in strategic policies, particularly in underdeveloped countries, to record and analyse all violent deaths. These registries can provide valuable insights into the causes and factors contributing to such tragedies. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, where only eight forensic medicine specialists exist, Dr Derviševic stands out as the only female doctor of medical sciences with the highest citation index. Her goal is to enhance strategies for identifying causes of death with non-specific features observed during autopsies. Notably, she has conducted important research on global warming and heatstroke, aiming to identify biomarkers that can be used in cases of suspected hyperthermia and heatstroke. Dr Emina Derviševic's tireless efforts and ground-breaking research in forensic medicine have the potential to save lives and shape the future of the field.

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