Revolutionizing healthcare with an innovative telemedicine platform

Dr Silvia Kurpanik

Dr Silvia Kurpanik is a highly accomplished physician with a distinguished career in general medicine and paediatrics. She completed her medical studies at the Hannover Medical School and has practiced medicine in Germany, Spain, and Switzerland. Her fluency in multiple languages, including Italian, Polish, German, Spanish, and English, makes her an ideal choice for attending to tourists, students, expatriates, and business travellers.

After completing her education, Dr Kurpanik furthered her training by attending the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy School in Florence, which enhanced her approach to patient care. Currently, she resides in Florence, Italy, where she manages her own private practice in general medicine and paediatrics.

Throughout her career, Dr Kurpanik has gained extensive experience in various medical fields, including general/visceral and thoracic surgery, traumatology, emergency medicine, and paediatrics. However, her primary focus today lies in family medicine, and she is one of the pioneers in Italy to embrace telemedicine.

Dr Kurpanik operates two strategically located clinics in Florence, and her patients have the option to schedule appointments online through the website.

Her medical platform, known as the e-Health Institute, offers a wide range of services and tools for both patients and physicians, with the goal of providing accessible, secure, and convenient healthcare through technology. Key components of the platform include a multilingual electronic medical record system, document archive, appointment booking platform, video consultation platform, and a medical chat feature.

The e-Health Institute is the first virtual general medicine clinic in Italy, offering preventive services, counselling, and remote therapy through chat and video calls, in addition to in-person consultations. Its mission is to provide supraregional medical services through telemedicine, particularly in areas with limited resources.

Recently she also launched an international telemedicine service for tourists, business travellers and abroad students.

Dr Kurpanik has two future projects in mind. Recently an educational section has been added within the platform, which will feature articles written by students who have completed their medical internships. Soon there will be integrated a special telehealth section within the platform with useful tools for the patient including a calculator of posology in paediatrics and information about drugs in pregnancy and lactation, review of the vaccination status, recommendations for travel vaccinations, explanation and translation of medical reports.Additionally, she is working on creating a mobile application that will unify all the platform's tools, providing greater convenience and accessibility for both patients and physicians.

These projects, developed by web developer Leandro Domenichini, reflect Dr Silvia Kurpanik's commitment to continuous improvement and adaptation to the changing needs of healthcare. Her aim is to deliver quality, accessible, and technology-driven medical services to meet the demands of her patients and enhance the efficiency of healthcare delivery.

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