Leading expert in Gastroenterology, Nutrition, and Immunology shaping the future of pediatric health

Prof Erika Isolauri

Dr Erika Isolauri is a renowned expert in the fields of Gastroenterology, Nutrition, and Immunology. Her primary areas of expertise include gut microbiota in Gastroenterology, probiotics and obesity in Nutrition, and food allergy in Immunology. She is currently involved in a research program called Neonatal Exposures, Adverse Outcomes, Mucosal Immunology, and Intestinal Microbiota (NAMI), which focuses on studying the impact of neonatal exposures on various health outcomes. 

Dr Isolauri holds the position of Professor of Paediatrics at the University of Turku and serves as the Chief Physician at the Department of Paediatrics in Turku University Hospital, Finland. Additionally, she is the Head of the Department of Clinical Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Turku.

Dr Isolauri's academic career spans several decades, and she has held various teaching positions since 1986. She has completed postdoctoral training in France and the USA and has served as a visiting professor in multiple international institutions. Furthermore, she has actively participated as an opponent in doctoral defences at renowned universities such as Helsinki and Tampere in Finland, Université Paris XI in France, Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, Wageningen University in the Netherlands, and the University of Copenhagen in Denmark.

As an accomplished author, Dr Isolauri has published 463 scientific articles. Among them are 285 original publications and 112 review articles or chapters in books. She has also contributed 66 scientific articles in Finnish. Additionally, Dr Isolauri has been invited to deliver 187 lectures at international academic meetings, highlighting her expertise and prominence in her field. Her substantial body of work has garnered significant recognition, evident by her impressive H-index of 99 as of February 2023.

Dr Erika Isolauri's influence extends beyond her academic achievements. In 2014, she presented a talk titled "Probiotic Use During Pregnancy for Protection Against Childhood Diseases" at the Harvard Probiotics Symposium. Her dedication to research and clinical practice in the field of paediatrics is commendable, and she continues to contribute valuable insights to the scientific community.

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