Expanding Horizons in Endocrinology

Dr Sheharyar Qureshi

Dr Sheharyar Qureshi is a prominent figure in the field of endocrinology, with a distinguished career marked by exceptional achievements in patient care, education, and research. As a consultant endocrinologist based in London, Dr Qureshi has demonstrated unwavering commitment to advancing the field and providing high-quality medical care to his patients.

Dr Qureshi embarked on his medical journey by graduating from King Edward Medical University in 2001, earning an MBBS degree. He also obtained an MSc in Endocrinology from Barts and London School of Medicine, demonstrating his commitment to specializing in this complex field. In 2017, Dr Qureshi received an MRCP in Endocrinology from the Royal College of Physicians of London, a recognition of his expertise and dedication.

He currently serves as an honorary senior lecturer at Imperial College London, where he plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of medical professionals. His research endeavours have yielded valuable contributions to the field of endocrinology, with numerous publications in peer-reviewed journals. His master's thesis on neuroendocrine tumours earned a distinction from the University of London, showcasing his expertise in this specialized area. 

In his clinical practice, Dr Qureshi specializes in managing both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, offering advanced treatments like insulin pumps and sensors. His focus on infertility treatment underscores his commitment to addressing the unique needs of his patients. Additionally, his proficiency in treating thyroid disease and neuroendocrine tumours highlights his versatility as an endocrinologist.

What sets Dr Qureshi apart is not just his medical expertise but also his dedication to building trust with his patients. He creates a supportive and empathetic environment, fostering healing and well-being. Dr Qureshi practices at several prestigious institutions, including London Endocrine and Diabetes Clinic, Chelsea and Westminster Private Care, and West Middlesex University Hospital Private Care. Furthermore, he serves as a consultant in endocrinology, diabetes, and internal medicine at Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust.

He actively engages with professional endocrinology associations both nationally and internationally like the Endocrine Society, the British Society of Endocrinology, and the Association of British Clinical Diabetologists (ABCD).

In 2013, Dr Qureshi held the position of the US endocrine secretary for the Endocrine Society, solidifying his international reputation. His affiliations with Diabetes UK, Diabetes Technology Network, the British Medical Association, the Society of Endocrinology, and the Young Diabetologist and the Endocrinologist Forum (YDEF) underscore his commitment to holistic patient care and the advancement of medical science.

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