Pioneer in high-definition liposculpture, a reference in breast remodelling in Spain

Dr Cristina Brasó

Dr Cristina Brasó is a distinguished figure in the field of Plastic, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Surgery in Spain, boasting over two decades of expertise. Her remarkable career has established her as one of the top plastic surgeons in the country, with a unique focus on body contouring procedures, particularly Vaser Lipo and high-definition liposculpture.

As the sole woman among Spain's top ten plastic surgeons, Dr Brasó's dedication and commitment to her craft are evident. She has not only excelled in clinical practice but has also contributed significantly to research and education in the field. She has been a featured speaker at national and international conferences, sharing her vast knowledge with fellow healthcare professionals. Currently, she serves as the founder and director of the Dr Brasó Plastic Surgery Clinic, situated at the Universitari General Hospital of Catalonia in Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona.

One of Dr Brasó's ground-breaking contributions to the field is her pioneering work in high-definition liposculpture with Vaser Lipo. This innovative technique enables precise fat removal and sculpting of the body, without the need for implants. It has been highly successful in achieving finely tuned body contours for both men and women. For women, Lipofit4D helps define the waist, breast, and abdominal contours, creating an hourglass figure. For men, it sculpts muscles, calves, and paravertebral lines, achieving a more athletic physique.

Dr Brasó's expertise also extends to breast remodelling and mastopexy procedures, where she employs customized surgical techniques to rejuvenate and enhance breast shape, catering to each patient's unique needs.

Dr Brasó's approach to surgery emphasizes patient expectations and psychological well-being. She believes that plastic surgery can positively impact self-esteem when physical flaws create emotional or relational challenges.

Patient care is central to Dr Brasó's practice, and she has assembled a cohesive team dedicated to providing excellent service throughout the entire surgical journey. Her professionalism, warmth, and reliability have earned her an impeccable reputation, with over 7,000 successful surgeries and satisfied patients.

Dr Brasó's expertise extends to Water-assisted Liposuction (WAL) for treating lipoedema and mastopexies to rejuvenate sagging breasts. She also offers cutting-edge treatments like BodyTite and Morpheus for non-invasive skin tightening and rejuvenation, as well as personalized consultations for hair transplantation and post-bariatric surgery tissue repositioning.

Dr Cristina Brasó's remarkable career, dedication to patient well-being, and commitment to excellence make her an influential figure in the field of Plastic Surgery. Her contributions continue to inspire both colleagues and patients, and her clinic remains a beacon of cutting-edge treatments and compassionate care.



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