Dr Josep María Fábregas Pedrell, the founder of Clínicas CITA, is a renowned specialist in Psychiatry and a reference in addiction treatment in Spain

Dr Josep María Fàbregas Pedrell

He began his professional career at the Marmottan Hospital in Paris, where he worked with Professor Claude Olievenstein. He later moved to New York and, after several years of professional experience, founded Clínicas CITA (Research and Treatment Centre for Addictions) in 1981 with the aim of developing a professional therapeutic community model, which has been operating for 40 years.

Clínicas CITA has evolved and grown to be at the forefront of specialized techniques in addiction treatment. Dr Fábregas highlights that addictions have significantly evolved over this time and acknowledges that his profession is dynamic and constantly learning. 

Dr Fábregas emphasizes his expertise in addictions to toxic substances such as alcohol, cocaine, cannabis, heroin, and tobacco. He also specializes in behavioural addictions such as gambling, sex addiction, video games, internet, and shopping, as well as dual pathology and personality disorders. 

Dr. Fábregas's dedication is focused on restoring life, hope, and freedom to those facing challenging moments due to addictions. He certifies that the success of long-term addiction therapy requires the investment of energy, responsibility, and commitment from the patient, therapists, and family. 

Dr Fábregas's approach is centred on addressing the underlying causes of addictions and helping patients overcome specific challenges they face at different stages of their lives. By understanding that drugs are a consequence and not the primary problem, treatment can be directed towards more effective and sustainable solutions, providing emotional support, education, and access to necessary resources for facing life's challenges in a healthy manner.

In addition to the four residential centres (CITA Clínica, CITA Comunidad, CITA Fundación, and CITA VIP), an outpatient centre in the city of Barcelona and an online addiction therapy service have been added to the network of centres. Through the online service, psychological treatments with innovative techniques are offered remotely, real-time psychological intervention, and self-regulation. Furthermore, in this regard, Dr Fábregas has created the CITA.iO platform, an excellent tool for managing medical consultations, useful for any healthcare professional. All detoxification treatments carried out at the clinics have the same therapeutic basis, flexibilizing the way therapies are delivered in each of them and adapting to the patient's circumstances, providing comfort and privacy.

Dr Fábregas, as the medical director of Clínicas CITA, is internationally recognized and a member of the Spanish Association of Private Psychiatry (ASSEP).



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