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Dr Francesco Esperto

Dr Francesco Esperto is a specialist in Urology with an outstanding career in the medical field. He graduated with honours in Medicine and Surgery from Sapienza University of Rome in 2011 and has since dedicated his career to the research and treatment of urological diseases.

After completing his specialized training in Urology at Sant'Andrea Hospital in Rome, Dr Esperto expanded his knowledge in urologic oncology during a period at Santa Maria della Misericordia Hospital in Udine. He then obtained a prestigious scholarship from the European Association of Urology at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital in the United Kingdom, where he became a Fellow of the European Board of Urology with honours.

Dr Esperto has actively participated in numerous clinical studies and has authored numerous scientific articles in the field of urology. He has also shared his expertise through presentations at conferences and has authored informative materials for urological patients.

In leadership roles, Dr Esperto has been the President of the Residents Group of the European Association of Urology and serves on the Executive Committee of two society conferences. Additionally, he is involved in the European Guidelines Office and is a member of the executive committee of the communication group of the Italian Society of Urology.

Doctor Esperto has been recognized for his expertise and knowledge in the field of urology, which has led to his role as a scientific reviewer for several medical journals and as an associate member in renowned journals. He is also a junior international member of the American Urological Association. 

Just recently he got licence for Full Professor of Urology and won an application for assistant Professor in Urology at Campus Biomedico University in Rome

In summary, Dr Francesco Esperto is a specialist in Urology with an impressive track record in research and treatment of urological diseases. His achievements include specialized training at renowned hospitals and significant contributions through clinical studies, scientific publications, and conference presentations. His leadership in the medical community and involvement in international organizations demonstrate his commitment to excellence and advancement in the field of urology.

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