Specialist in Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology

Dr Francisco Soler Valero

In 2016, Dr Francisco Soler Valero founded Traumatology Soler, a clinic that has evolved over the years into a national reference centre in traumatology and hip surgery. Its initial mission was to provide high-quality, specialized healthcare centred on the patient, with the primary goal of delivering the best medical and surgical solutions through a combination of personalized patient care, cutting-edge medical technology, and the technical excellence of the professionals on its team.

Dr Soler is a member of some of the most prestigious national and international societies in the field of Hip Surgery. He has focused a significant portion of his professional work in recent years on pioneering the use of minimally invasive techniques for hip prosthesis implantation, enabling his patients to return home within 24 hours of the surgical procedure. These techniques offer immediate pain reduction, lower intraoperative risks and decreased bleeding.

In the pursuit of technical excellence during surgeries, Dr Soler is supported by a highly qualified team skilled in some of the most advanced surgical planning techniques, digital segmentation and 3D joint reconstruction and printing. These innovative concepts add substantial value to the pre-operative process by using high-resolution joint scans (CT scans) to visualize, reconstruct and assess each patient's unique pathology with remarkable precision.

This individualization allows for precise case-by-case assessment, implant selection and the anticipation of potential difficulties, enabling the availability of the best instruments and techniques during surgery, thus achieving the best possible outcomes and avoiding potential complications.

This transforms each surgery into a customized procedure, with personalized implants for each case, ensuring an unprecedented fit between the implant and the patient and a smooth transition to their new life post-surgery. 

As an example of recent success cases, we can highlight how Dr Soler successfully performed an innovative femur lengthening procedure in which a 5-centimeter bone lengthening was achieved in a single surgery. After the surgery, the patient was able to extend one of her legs, correcting a length discrepancy that had existed since childhood due to a hip joint issue. This represents a milestone in such cases, which typically involve months of treatment, pain and patient immobilization. In the words of Dr Soler, "The main challenge was to disarticulate the original hip joint and achieve sciatic nerve lengthening by several centimetres without causing any neurological damage."

Today, Dr Soler attends to patients from around the world in his clinic in Elche and Madrid, ensuring convenient access to his services and resulting in exponential growth in the number of cases and surgeries performed in recent years. This has firmly established Traumatology Soler as a national reference centre for hip pathology.

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