Booking an accommodation made fast, simple and safe

Whoomies is a mobile application designed to improve the roommate experience through the use of a simple tool combining matching between roommates and finding accommodation. This start-up is part of the "100 start-ups to invest in 2020" selection from Challenges.

Whoomies makes it easy to find and book shared accommodation, student residences and co-living. Thanks to its unique user experience and matching technology, the Whoomies application not only allows you to meet thousands of profiles of potential roommates recommended according to their affinities, lifestyle and personality, but also to search and simply apply to thousands of housings offers available.

Whoomies offers software and services to improve the efficiency of your rental process, by providing multi-listing of homes, while optimizing your occupancy rate. They provide a unique broadcasting channel on the web but also on smartphones, through an innovative application (available on iOS and Android), as well as an intuitive platform dedicated to managing your advertisements and applications received (candidate status, supporting documents for their file, guarantors, etc.). The company has a qualified and committed community, actively seeking accommodation, seeking administrative facilities

It all started back in 2017. Lauren Dannay and her friend Alex Assay, traveling and living around the world witnessed the huge discrepancy existing between the needs of the young populations and the existing real-estate marketplaces solutions, so they decided to create Whoomies.

After successfully launching its mobile app early 2018, and helping more that 100,000 users in their hunt for the “ideal shared accommodation", Whoomies launched its website to extend its solution to the whole shared-accommodation market (student residences, coliving operators, hotels) in 2020. The end-goal is to go further by targeting new verticals on the rental market. 

From the beginning of the home research, to the signature of the lease, Whoomies has turned shared accommodation rental into a seamless, safe and efficient process for all parties: from tenants, landlords to operators.

Thanks to its proprietary matching technology, Whoomies enables people to meet according to their personality, budget, eating habits to form the best possible flatshares. This same algorithm is also used to automate the room allocation in residences such as "Flatmates" one of the biggest European co-living in Paris, providing amazing results. 

The pandemic has reinforced the importance of adequate and affordable homes, as well as making it even clearer that the persisting problems around the cost and quality of housing are simply not sustainable. The demand for shared-housing has therefore increased by 20% YoY on average in big cities such Paris.



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