They offerservice and technology in the Fintech and Neobanks ecosystem

Pecunpay is a Spanish electronic money entity that offers its customers customized solutions for their payment method programs, offering them legal and technological coverage through integration processes based on APIs, respecting their business idea and image in a generic brand model, adding functionalities of each group, as well as acquaintance  solutions, whether in the physical or virtual world. 

The firm operates under the supervision of the Bank of Spain and is included in the Normax Holding Company. Pecunpay is the trademark of Pecunia Cards, which offers different solutions of means of payment adapted to the operational and specific needs of different sectors or groups of private customers, shops or companies, such as prepaid cards, collection and payment by mobile (app) compatible with IOS and Android operating systems, POS's and payment gateways, both for face-to-face and virtual environments. In addition, Pecunpay offers the possibility of capturing deposits, which allows, for example, the funds of participatory financing platforms to be safeguarded.

Pecunpay was born in a digital environment with the firm premise of improving and providing added value to the systems of means of payment in Spain, with the aim of optimizing the customer experience in electronic money processes.

Among the main advantages offered by the brand are: the configuration of maximum daily or weekly amounts, the limitation of payment by type of business, the blocking of the means of payment on weekends or outside business hours, the control of the permissiveness of the use of the card outside identified geographical areas, etc. All these functions are within the rules that allow to parameterize in real time the online platform of Pecunpay.

The company has a multidisciplinary, highly technological team that studies and analyzes the main trends in the sector, especially in means of payment. They are divided into working groups focused on the research and implementation of technological advances in the sector, evaluating how changes affect their market, relying on suppliers and experts in the sector to work on adapting their business model and thus strengthen their competitive advantage. 

This fintech has been very active for the last few years and they have achieved several collaboration agreements and partnerships that further boost their business. They have recently reached a direct connection agreement with VISA, as well as the launch of Xpays (mobile payments) for their payment methods programs. In addition, they have already launched the first virtual card issuance platform for marketing, loyalty and promotion agencies, among others. 

In 2020, the company reached one million cards issued and, in this year, the figure is growing to one and a half million, placing the company as a benchmark at European level in its specialty and as the main electronic money institution in our country. Some 300,000 of those cards belong to corporate programs.

After the outbreak of the pandemic and the consequent confinement due to COVID-19, all Pecunpay programs suffered a regression in their consumption. However, the company has managed not only to recover from this setback, but to return to the path lived before the pandemic, reaching 8 million euros of monthly consumption.

Pecunpay is an IBM technology partner, after signing an agreement through its subsidiary Viewnext. This collaboration came to enhance the development of its financial partners. "For us this project is strategic both for its size and the benefits it will transfer to our entity, highlighting the reduction of times and improvement of time to market and the inclusion of more powerful technological tools," says its CEO, Antonio García Cruz.

Currently, Pecunpay is immersed in the development of its 2021-2023 strategic plan, which includes doubling its turnover to 45 million euros.

Another point that should be highlighted in favor of Pecunpay is its commitment to society and its eagerness to support the growth of developing countries. In this sense, they offer resources and support to the NGO Kubuka through training, promoting entrepreneurship projects in education and social inclusion in Kenya and Zambia.



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