Sprout pencils are sustainable and non-toxic – from the biodegradable seed capsule to the 100% natural clay and graphite core and sustainably certified wood

Sprout World is an international company committed with sustainability. It’s main is based in Denmark, providing the European market, but they also have a USA office in Boston.

There are three things about Sprout World that characterize their team. First up, they believe in sustainability. Secondly, they want more and more people to care about our natural world.

The company has created two sustainable products that can make a difference. They have created a 100% sustainable pencil. Once the pencil is too short to write with, the customer can plant is and watch it grow into luscious flowers, fragrant herbs, fresh vegetables or even spruce trees. All Sprout seeds have been selected because they are easy to germinate. So, the customer can enjoy vibrant flowers, fragrant herbs or fresh vegetables. 

By planting a Sprout pencil instead of throwing it out customers can make sustainability visible to others. And inspire them to make changes in their daily life. This is the idea behind the Sprout range. And it’s struck a chord, as Sprout products are now available in over 80 countries around the world.  “Our Sprout pencil with a seed is made from sustainably certified wood. It can be customized with engraved or colour printed logo or text to hand out at conferences, events or in visitor reception areas”, company ensure.

After the success of this first product, the company presented the newest member of the Sprout family: the plantable Sprout®LINER. “After the success of the plantable Sprout pencil, we asked ourselves: why not develop a plantable makeup pencil too? And now, two years later, it’s here. And it’s patented globally just like our Sprout graphite and colour pencils”, company stated.



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