"In my work I like to beautify, advise and empower women"

Sana’a Prestige is a Parisian fashion brand that was created in October 2019 when its founder, Karima Arrahmane, decided to turn her great passion, fashion, into a brand. “When I was little, I was fascinated by my mother’s designs, since she is a fashion designer. I was her little model and she was the one who made all my clothes”, says the designer, who grew up in a world surrounded by sequins, pearls, fabrics and embroidery. 

Karima Arrahmane is a stylist, dressmaker and, at the same time, has trained in image therapy through her creations. 

From her showroom, in Paris, she offers rental and sale of haute couture gala dresses, but also offers individual support to all those clients who want to feel good about their bodies. Arrahmane has a wide range of evening dresses with a very varied design, so that all women, regardless of their culture or origin, find their own essence in their dresses. Among her creations are cocktail dresses, oriental dresses, kaftans, strapless dresses, mermaid and princess style, and many other products.

For four years, Karima has sponsored several competitions that promote and empower women. "In my work I like to beautify, advise and empower women," says the creator, who accompanies women in the process of loving and appreciating their bodies. “Beyond the dresses, I accompany many women in physical and psychological suffering, I help them regain self-esteem and self-confidence, using powerful tools such as phototherapy, which is a therapeutic method that aims to repair self-esteem, reconcile with the image of oneself and accept oneself as one is and the work of accepting the body in the mirror”, she concludes.

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