It is Europe's first and fastest growing insurtech which provides on-demand flexible commercial insurance products

Tapoly is an insurance company designed for the sharing and gig economy. Customers can tailor their insurance to their specific needs and only pay for insurance when they really need it. They offer different insurance solutions to their affinity partners, depending on their specific requirements and their ability to integrate with their API. For gig economy and sharing economy platforms, Tapoly offers insurance to cover the entire platform.

Founded in 2016, Tapoly is Europe's first and fastest growing insurtech, providing on-demand flexible commercial insurance products specifically for SMEs, freelancers, the self-employed and the gig economy. 

The company offers a comprehensive set of commercial insurance products on demand, directly to customers, as well as their Software as a Service platform to brokers and insurers providing them faster and efficient access to new revenue streams. 

Fully authorised by the FCA, backed by Lloyd's of London, and recognised as Insurance Provider of the Year at the British Small Business Awards 2018, Tapoly is a trusted partner to an increasing number of SMEs, freelancers, and gig workers looking for flexibility and accessibility.

Insurance should not be complicated and expensive. Therefore, Tapoly’s mission is indeed to simplify and make on-demand insurance solutions available and accessible for everyone to cover what they need, when they need it, at a fair price.

Company’s vision is to be the best and most trusted on-demand insurance provider to freelancers, contractors, SMEs, and everyone in the sharing economy, so they don't have to worry about commercial risks and have more time to focus on doing what they love. “We recognise the importance of the sharing economy as it solves economic, social and environmental issues such as a lack of housing, traffic congestion, or simply people being able to provide for families. We are committed to solving these issues by providing suitable and flexible insurance products to give the freelancers, contractors, SMEs, and everyone in the sharing economy the peace of mind to grow and prosper”, company states. 


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