BRM is now opening a new chapter in its history by now offering high-end jewellery under the BRM Luxury brand

After studying watchmaking and micromechanics, followed by several years in the biggest luxury houses, entrepreneur Bernard Richards decided to create his own brand in 2003: BRM Chronographes. The French manufacture is moving towards the manufacture of luxury models in small series, using advanced materials such as titanium, carbon or tantalum and drawing inspiration from the requirements of automotive professionals.

After BRM Chronographes success, the manufacture is now opening a new chapter in its history by now offering high-end jewellery under the BRM Luxury brand. This new prestigious range will take its customers on a journey into a world of luxury and French know-how.

Noble and virtuous materials, contrast of colours, spiral beading… Every detail brings a modern interpretation of jewellery. The complexity of this work and the finesse of its execution are the result of more than 3 years of unparalleled expertise on the part of BRM watchmakers and jewellery. The hand finishing in their workshops makes each piece of jewellery unique. “At BRM we like to remind people that from excellence in detail comes performance”, company stands. 

The Living Heritage Company (EPV) label is a mark of recognition by the State. It highlights unique companies that know how to reconcile innovation and tradition, know-how and creation, work and passion, heritage and the future, local and international. The only state label guaranteeing the excellence of French know-how.

Aware of the societal and environmental impact of the jewellery industry, BRM Luxury, as a family business has always strived to conduct its activities with respect for the environment. A single objective, to meet the needs of the present without compromising the possibility for future generations to meet theirs.



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