Specialization and operational flexibility are key qualities for the company to move forward strategically

MIC Insurance is an insurance company created in 2001, and since then it has been operating at European level, in very specialized products, such as Surety Insurance, Insurance for the Construction Sector (Ten-Year Guarantee, All Construction Risk, Triennial Guarantee, All-Risk Coverage), and Civil Liability Insurance, among others. Last year it reached 110 million euros in insured premiums, growing by 10% despite the complicated economic situation derived from the pandemic. 

This insurance company, which belongs to DSA, a company linked to Grupo Morera & Vallejo, chaired by Antonio Morera Vallejo, opens a new era in which it has consolidated all its acquired experience offering the final client the best service, the greatest solvency and all the tranquility in the insurance of their risks.

In its three-year plan ,2021-2023, it expects to double its business at the end of the period, reaching 200 million in premiums, with an ETBIDA profit of 40 million euros. MIC Insurance offers freelancers and entrepreneurs lines of guarantees in a very agile way, as well as financial guarantee coverage for all types of tenders and requirements against third parties.  It highlights the demand in the renewable energy sector and the product of Ten-Year Guarantee, Civil Liability and Consolidation of amounts for real estate developments.

In recent years MIC Insurance has managed not only to maintain its leadership at European level, but also increase it. Its team works in the same line of specialization, personalization and excellence that it has had during all these years. The firm continues in constant international expansion with a global and strategic vision. Thanks to the headquarters in Paris, they have gone from working in the modality of Free Provision of Services to working in their own establishment in the country, which means a strong commitment to generate confidence and solvency in their business throughout Europe.

The company works under the basic premise of loyalty and long-term relationships. It diversifies its business by both products and countries. For this, it has a management team with great knowledge of the market and years of experience in the sector. They work hand in hand with a team specialized in each of their fields of action.

It is a specialist entity in designing any customized product, developing business plans for brokers and subscription agencies. The diversification of MIC Insurance, in addition to being made internationally by country, is also  carried out by products. They are specialists in designing any customized product thanks to the flexibility in operations, which is one of the key qualities to advance strategically. Their ability to adapt to the continuous changes and modifications of the market and the services offered, ensures that at all times they can innovate in the development of products for new lines of business.

The differentiating services of the firm, given its specialization, are construction insurance and caution insurance, mainly. Its services include construction insurance, caution insurance, as an alternative to the bank guarantee, and civil liability insurance, intended for the protection of the private sphere of the family unit. "Caution insurance is quite unknown in society in general and is a financial instrument that right now can be the solution for many freelancers and entrepreneurs," says the president, Antonio Morera Vallejo.

The central strategy is to develop as a benchmark in profitable multiline insurance, which provides capacity to the company's collaborators, who are selected very rigorously in all European countries, being very important their reputation, honorability and experience.

MIC Insurance once again occupied number 1 in the ranking of companies in the surety branch in Spain according to the ICEA (Cooperative Research between Insurance Entities and Pension Funds). For Morera Vallejo, "the excellent results in the field are backed by our trajectory and our excellence in the quotation and contracting of these financial guarantees, we are specialists for many years and we have the support of a significant number of collaborators and customers who are very satisfied with our work". 


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