More than 30 years of professional experience and a high rate of effectiveness in the field of Banking Law

Carmen Serrano Cimadevilla is a lawyer from León who currently runs the Serrano Abogados law firm, located in the center of León. He has more than 30 years of experience in the main branches of law. Her career stands out for its efficiency, seriousness, transparency and responsibility to her clients, to whom she offers a personalized treatment: "I seek to find and understand the objectives and needs of each of my clients," says Carmen.

If something differentiates Serrano Abogados from the rest of the lawyers is their  clear proactive attitude, following the philosophy of anticipating the problems that may arise, seeking to move forward to carry out the necessary actions to take advantage of the opposing party. "Reacting first is what can tip the scales in my client's favor. Whoever hits first, hits twice," says Carmen Serrano.

At Serrano Abogados we are the fourth and fifth generation of a family dedicated to the legal field. Also Working with Carmen is Carlos Serrano Cañas, an expert lawyer in the bank judicial claim. The firm is renowned, for having obtained more than 4,000 favorable judgments against banks throughout the country and in all Spanish provinces.   They are mainly dedicated to annulling abusive clauses in contracts concluded with consumers, embodied in notarial deeds, especially loans with mortgage guarantee. They also cancel credit cards when interest rates are especially high. Likewise, they have collaborated with the association of those affected by preferential and subordinated Banco Caja España, currently Unicaja, thus managing to help more than 1,000 Spanish families to recover their savings.

For years, Serrano Abogados has been providing competent legal assistance thanks to an expert team of specialist lawyers. "We have focused our professional practice in different legal areas, and we especially value quality and seriousness," they point out from the firm, where they offer extensive experience in different areas of legal practice, as well as advice and representation for individuals and companies, always represented by specialist lawyers.

Carmen Serrano Cimadevilla has three decades of experience, she’s a specialist in bank claims and everything related to inheritance (inheritances, wills, legacies), Family Law (divorces, custody and custody procedures), Labor Law, health and administration liability claims, traffic accidents and leases.

Within its areas of specialization, the cases of nullity of banking contracts of high-risk products stand out, urging the nullity of the banking contract with restitution of the amounts deposited. In this sense, Carmen Serrano and her team have obtained more than 4000 judgments against banks. On the other hand, the firm is also a specialist in abusive clauses: "We review our clients' mortgages free of charge to remove abusive clauses, such as the floor clause, the mortgage expenses repercussion clause and the commission for claiming defaults. Thus, the bank returning the amounts charged in excess under these clauses once their nullity is declared, "says Serrano.

The firm’s relationship with clients is close and personal, characterized by seriousness and honesty. The first consultation is free and includes a review of your clients mortgages or their loan contracts to assess the viability of the demands. Currently they are focused on deferred payment credit cards that apply interest close to 30%, also on microloans or abusive interest, filing lawsuits throughout Spain. 

For his part, the lawyer Carlos Serrano holds the first place at the national level in the ranking of performance of Spanish lawyers in relation to contracting law and consumer law according to the website Emérita Legal.

In recent years this firm has been awarded the "De Ley" award in 2017 as a reference office in León and in 2018 the "De Ley" award for Professional Career. The Institute for Professional Excellence has also recognized her commitment to excellence by rewarding Carmen Serrano's professional career. The European Association of Economy and Competitiveness has awarded him the Gold Medal for Merit for his Work and they have also been awarded in the category of Banking Law by the European Legal Awards 2019. In 2020, the firm won the National Law Award, as well as the National El Suplemento Award in the Banking Law category. This year, the Professional & Business Excellence Institute recognizes the professionalism of the lawyer Carmen Serrano Cimadevilla, awarding her the European Business Award in the category of Banking Law.


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