A multidisciplinary team of professionals that guarantees confidentiality and constant communication with the client

Ramón Ruiz Medina y Belén Garro Giménez

The Ruiz-Medina Garro buffet is a multidisciplinary law firm located in Almeria, whose scope of action extends to the entire Peninsula. It counts with more than 35 years of professional experience, in which they have worked in cases of various areas and size, thanks to his team of professionals and collaborators, endowed with extensive experience in each of his areas of practice, standing out mainly in his vocation for Law and his legal preparation. "Our main objective is to ensure that clients are fully satisfied with the services provided and with the results obtained, for this we have absolute respect for the deontological rules that govern the profession, with full guarantee of confidentiality and constant communication with our sponsor", they point out from the firm.

The firm was founded by Attorney Ramón Ruiz Medina Attorney Belén Garro Giménez. Ramón Ruiz is a specialist in Labor Law and criminal defense of legal entities, a specialist in civil and commercial mediation and an auditor in occupational risk prevention systems, as well as a labor auditor and Professor at the University of Almería, in the area of the Master's Degree in Law. On her side, Belén Garro is a bankruptcy administrator and specialist in Family Law, Civil and Commercial Law, Property Law and Corporate Law, being also a Professor at the University of Almería, in the area of the Master's Degree in Law.

The firm's team is completed by lawyers Ramón Granados and Jorge Guzmán, along with the administration and secretarial staff. In addition, depending on the case in which they work, the lawyers rely on external collaborators of recognized prestige, who help, on many occasions, to a favourable resolution of the matters entrusted.

This multidisciplinary firm has five main practice areas. On one side, Labor Law, through which they offer comprehensive legal advice to companies in the prevention of occupational risks, dismissals, wage claims and recognition of rights; sanctions; procedures and claims in the field of social security and accidents at work; collective agreements, employment regulation files, substantial changes in working conditions; judicial administrative proceedings or administrative sanctioning procedures and minutes of settlement of social security contributions.

On the other hand, Family Law, an area in which they offer advice in relation to issues related to marriage and sentimental relationships (guardianship and custody of children, maintenance spouse and children, compensatory pension, attribution of the use and enjoyment of the family home, economic burdens ...). In addition, they advise on divorce proceedings by mutual agreement and contentious; in procedures for the regulation of subsidiary parental measures; in liquidations of the matrimonial property society or of de facto couples; in proceedings of incapacity or declaration of heirs.

In the area of Administrative Law and Construction Law they manage contentious administrative appeals before the corresponding Courts and Tribunals. They are in charge of the administrative procedures before the Public Administrations, as well as expropriation procedures, construction and activity licenses or urban plans and projects. 

One of the firm's main specializations is Criminal Law. In this sense, actions such as: defense and private accusation in minor crimes and crimes before the Court of Instruction, Criminal Court and Provincial Court stand out; filing of complaints and lawsuits and responsibilities derived from claims for damages derived from traffic and labor accidents.

Finally, another of his major areas of expertise is Civil and Commercial Law. Within this branch of law, they manage obligations and contracts, damages, inheritances and wills, leases, horizontal property, traffic accidents, Real Estate Law, sales, registration and mortgage procedures, protection of honor, privacy and image, claims and defense in relation to actions derived from the Law of Building Planning, Law of Second Chance or patrimonial claims derived from the application of the State of  Alarm and closures of establishments as a consequence.

The added value of this Almeria firm lies in the personalized treatment it offers to its clients, together with the quality of its service, the training and professionalism of its team and the quality-price ratio of its services. As a proof we can see the results obtained and the valuation of their clients, which place them as references at the national level. 

To this European award that Ruiz-Medina Garro Abogados receives, the National Law Award obtained in the same category in 2019 is added, in an event organized by El Suplemento at The Westin Palace Hotel in Madrid. This award recognized them as a Multidisciplinary Firm of national reference. Now, after these years of hard work and management of the new situation caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, the firm has been awarded the European Legal Award 2021. 


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