"Experience has shown us that the growth of companies is a reflection of the people who make up their teams"

The global firm Olsen & Lancaster Partners offers international legal and consulting services in all disciplines of Business Law. It has a clear multidisciplinary tendency and a strong international character, supported by a wide range of partners, associates and collaborating firms through which they offer their clients a personalized, objective and global attention.

The firm combines tradition, experience and sectoral specialization by countries, with its own offices in the main economic scenarios of Europe, the United Kingdom, Asia and America, weaving a network of legal services at an international level, with a peripheral vision and counting on the proximity of the best native professionals of each State.

This international company has its roots in the specialization and development of various professionals and law firms that, after their union and merger, promoted common growth based on their expertise as a starting point to form a single global operator with an international vision and geographical implantation.

Olsen & Lancaster has extensive experience in global markets and represents a new concept of law firm and Human Capital consulting. This is how it was presented in our country last year, implementing a new project that has been developed by the hand of a benchmark in the insurance and financial sector: the Herrero Brigantina Group.

In this sense, Jorge Álvarez-Hevia González, managing partner, highlights that the implementation of the international firm in Spain is a "strong and determined commitment and with a vocation to improve the productivity and competitiveness of the national business fabric".

The first professionals and law firms on which the growth and configuration of Olsen & Lancaster is based come from the Anglo-Saxon system "Common Law" (originated mainly in the United Kingdom). The decision to settle in Europe and partner with other professionals in the sector to jointly develop their activity with their own headquarters and new acquisitions of specialized firms in the different branches of law is, today, what marks the evolution of the firm and its activity.

To date, the group continues with its task of expansion and international development, always working on the active search and incorporation of the main and most distinguished professionals of the legal sector in all the areas in which they are based. Today, they are present in more than ten cities, with offices in Vigo, Madrid, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Porto, London, Rome, Miami, Hong Kong and Melbourne. "Experience has shown us that the growth of companies is a reflection of the people who make up their teams and what each of them represents for society," says Rodrigo Álvarez Alonso, managing partner of the firm from its headquarters in Vigo, Galicia.

The firm presents its self  as the result of the coordinated action of all its members, which "allows us to always be at the side of our clients, regardless of the geographical place in which they are", they explain on their website. 

Its main objective is to provide high quality services, which provide added value to its whole. Therefore, among its objectives for the coming years is to offer opportunities to those professionals in the sector who, after the serious economic, social, health and financial situation caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, have seen their professional career or their life project cut short. To achieve this ultimate goal, the firm has initiated a comprehensive process of talent search and development of innovative tools that allow it to provide its clients with personalized, objective and global attention with the highest precepts of discretion, professionalism and expertise that the company represents. 

Among the firm's specialties, there is risk management, team organization, leadership in administrative bodies, etc. Issues that, today, are fundamental for companies and their long-term visibility. To its legal services, Olsen & Lancaster add other necessary services, especially today, such as strategic consulting in the development of cross-border operations. "All the partners that make up the firm have experience in the business world. Therefore, beyond providing services to our clients, we seek to work with them as partners, be transversal, proactive, generate trust and anticipate," says Álvarez-Hevia.

In fact, trust is one of the basic premises for Olsen & Lancaster. That is why they look for the most demanding profiles, with a high degree of fidelity.



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