They are specialists in defense concerning rights and interests of those affected by abusive banking products nationwide

With more than 35 years of experience in the professional practice of Law, and more than 30.000 satisfied customers, Rosales Buffet is a Law Firm specialized in Commercial Law, Bankruptcy Law, Civil Law, Labour Law, Criminal-Economic. 

The Law Firm has a multidisciplinary team of professionals, specialized in different areas of Law and led by the CEO´s law firm, José Baltasar Plaza Frías, the human resources director, Sagrario Carreras Gómez and the managing director, Inmaculada Guijarro Valverde.

In recent years, the Buffet has exponentially increased its regular staff, as well as its network of partners, which currently exceeds one hundred professionals of the sector, specialized in various fields and distributed throughout the national territory.

The Law Firm, currently has three offices open in Madrid, and it is well-characterized by its entrepreneurial environment in which its clients find legal advice and defense, whether they are companies or individuals.

The professional team of Rosales Buffet is made up of lawyers, economists, audit team, accountants, and professionals specialized in the law´s firm scope of action.

“We seek to offer the best solution to our client`s problems by working through personalized service for each one of them” they point out. 

The Law Firm distinguishes itself due to its involvement in the area of Banking Law, currently representing clients affected by HIPOTECA MULTIDIVISA, mortage floor clause, mortgage costs, IRPH, and those affected by the Popular Bank as well.

In buffet Rosales they analyze each case in a very personalized way, at the same time offering assistance during the whole judicial process.

Buffet Rosales has accumulated an average of 98% success in this type of legal claims, and during the last 12 years has helped to more than 80.000 clients to recover an amount of 500.000.000 euros.

At the office, those who are affected by the revolving cards also have important repercussion and currently are being represented by Rosales Buffet. “We examine each and one of all the legal contracts, and calculate all the abusive legal interest issued by the financial entity, and therefore calculate the legal indemnity corresponding to each client.” Remarks the CEO, José Plaza.

Throughout its long career, the firm has accumulated more than 30,000 favorable judgments in the annulment and recovery of investments in banking products, such as Bankia shares, floor clauses, multi-currency mortgages, swaps or convertible bonds.

Furthermore, Rosales Buffet defends the company as a legal subject by advising on its creation and operation, in accordance with the planning of the most convenient corporate structure, intervening in its modifying processes, in possible mergers and takeovers, as well as in the eventual processes of dissolution and liquidation.

In the area of Bankruptcy Law Rosales Buffet is a pioneer in the legal mechanism of Second Chance, as well as great experts in its operation, obtaining a high percentage of success in both individuals and legal entities who, despite having suffered an economic, business or personal failure, get to be finally free, thanks to the expert intervention of the firm, of the outstanding debt by means of a final judicial decision.

The success of this firm -which was also a pioneer in the use of advertising to attract clients through the national media-, lies in the personalized treatment they offer to their clients, backed by their daily good work, through a professional, rigorous and quality service.

The exponential growth of this family law firm, especially in the last 5 years and with the experience of a restructuring and digitalization of the work methodology due to the Coronavirus pandemic, have made this Madrid firm worthy of the European Legal Award in the category of Banking Law. This award joins other recognitions that Rosales Buffet has, which has also been awarded at the National Law Award 2019, granted by El Suplemento in Madrid in the same category.


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