She has an extensive experience and stands out due to her expertise and international presence

Dr. Alioska Marinopoulos

Doctor Alioska Alexia Marinopoulos is an international lawyer based in Germany who works in all areas and fields of law, legal assistance and litigation. She is a member of the Frankfurt am Main Bar Association, as well as member of the German Bar Association e. V. (DAV). She speaks German, English, French, Greek and Italian.

Doctor Marinopoulos has founded the law firm Marinopoulos Legal, where she offers services in multiple areas. “As a lawyer, I know that my clients’ concerns are often emotionally stressful and very personal. With the necessary tact and a pronounced professional competence, I take the time to examine your case comprehensively and to find the best solution for my client and also for other parties involved”, she stands.

Alioska Alexia always tries to maximise the benefits for all parties involved with empathy and psychological skills. In family matters, she strives to find a solution that is satisfactory for her client and all parties involved. Also, in matters of inheritance, real estate or corporate law, tact is required: regardless of whether clients want to preserve assets and pass them on within their family, or whether they want to create new assets or acquire new ones: with well thought-out contractual arrangements, doctor Marinopoulos team can provide you with legal security in such a situation.

She’s also an expert in Administrative Law. In fact, her law firm has a expert department specialized in this field, taking care of her client’s matters regarding this area, defending their interests even when alternative solutions have usually already been exhausted.



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