Green 100% renewable energy

David Watkins, solutions director

VIRTUS Data Centres is the UK’s fastest growing data centre provider. It owns, designs, builds and operates de country’s most efficient and flexible data centres. They currently lead the industry with award winning innovation in hyper efficient, ultra-high density and highly interconnected facilities.

Located in and around London’s metro, VIRTUS offers the best of traditional retail and wholesale colocation models, combining dedicated support and complementary ecosystems with low cost, scalable and custom solutions, in uniquely flexible and customer friendly packages. VIRTUS’ mission is to consistently exceed the expectations of customers through innovative, high-quality solutions and services. Customers also benefit from Tier III certified, ultra-secure facilities, that provide 100 percent uptime; protecting and connecting data, applications, networks and clouds within VIRTUS Data Centres and the global digital economy.

Protecting the environment is one of VIRTUS’ top priorities. They exclusively use truly renewable energy from wind, hydro or solar sources. By doing so, VIRTUS saves around 45,000,000 tonnes of CO2 yearly and it is dedicated to achieving net zero emissions on all reportable activities by 2030. ‘Because we know that data centres consume vast amounts of power, we know it’s our responsibility to minimise the environmental impact from all of our sites. That’s why since 2012 we’ve been procuring our power from 100% renewable sources. This means we are completely carbon neutral on power consumption for our entire data centre portfolio’, they stand from the company. 

VIRTUS is proud to have been ISO50001 accredited at every one of their sites to highlight the commitment to the best environmental standards.

The company is also a member of key environmental bodies and schemes, such as the European Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact, the Climate Change Agreement for data centres and the leading data centre body, techUK.



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