Creating the digital product that meets clients’ need

Untile is a digital product agency founded in Portugal in 2009, and built during the 2008 recession. The main purpose of the company is to optimize its clients’ processes, saving them time and fixing present and future problems.

In just four steps, Untile gets to understand the client’s product and business from top-to-bottom in order to create the custom product that covers their needs. For more than a decade, the company has been relying on a framework fine-tuned over the years: the U-Framework, a signature methodology that brings robust digital products to life. Untile has applied it to countless projects, refining and perfecting it each time.

Key industry players have chosen Untile to craft their products: from energetic start-ups looking to change their industries top-to-bottom to corporate giants doing business across continents. It worked with over 100 companies in 6 entirely different industries, crafting proven solutions with proven results. ‘We listened to the clients’ needs, worked closely with them on their products, and made their lives simpler’ company says.

The core values of the company are based on historical artists’ philosophy: autonomy, mastery and purpose. ‘We take our work seriously, and have developed a series of mantras that guide our daily work and give us clarity in troubled times, we can’t work without them’, Untile website reads.

Furthermore, the company has a commitment with employees’ life quality. Untile is based in Viana do Castelo, a small Portuguese city with a low-stress lifestyle that helps them focus on their work and create great products, like true craft persons. That is why the company has extensive employee benefits, to make work-life balance possible, and to justly reward them for the incredible work they do.


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