Driven to create innovative digital products that achieve client’s success

Founded in 2017, AscentCore provides outsourced product development services across a broad cross-section of industries, technologies, and platforms. The Company’s specialized expertise includes a wide range of areas including artificial intelligence, machine learning, business intelligence, and cyber security.

The company sits at the nexus of deep vertical knowledge and comprehensive horizontal capabilities, empowering companies to disrupt, transform, accelerate, and scale. The result is a unique software tailored to clients’ needs. “We are the partner of choice for some of the world’s largest leading brands because of our commitment to deliver sustainable innovation, agility and high-velocity,” says Catalin Stef, AscentCore Managing Partner.

In the artificial intelligence and machine learning arenas, AscentCore works with these emerging technologies both through client work and their R&D division, AscentCore Labs, with AC Labs being their most established area of expertise.

The AscentCore founders and team leaders collectively have numerous decades of distributed and remote development experience. Previous ventures established by AscentCore leadership are now thriving companies, employing over 1,000 people globally, including the United States, Romania, India, and Argentina.

Over the years, the company has evolved its capabilities, sharpened its processes, and expanded its team, but the impulse behind its work remains the same, following its core values: integrity, relationships, and results. “We love to help our global clientele imagine and build world-class digital products, delivered fast, for better value,” says Stef. The core value statements convey about the company’s identity and its approach to building long-term partnerships with clients. “Client success and exceptional solutions are what we strive for. We recognize the importance of incorporating industry best practices along with our world-class development capabilities.’’

AscentCore’s multi-shore model and development methodology are designed to successfully develop and deliver quality digital products for a customer or end-user in the US and other European countries.


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