Anything is possible with CGI and your 3D product models

Nfinite is a leading e-merchandising platform that empowers retailers to grow their business and deliver better customer experiences through powerful, customizable visual content. The Nfinite Platform is a cloud-based virtual photography studio that helps its clients build, manage, and display product visuals.

Visual production is shifting to computer-generated 3D imagery (CGI)—which facilitates higher performance and resource efficiencies and has less environmental impact. Nfinite is all about helping the world usher in the post-shoot era in which product visual availability is no longer reliant on costly, logistical, and carbon-heavy photoshoots.

The Nfinite Platform makes it easy to create, display, and manage unlimited product visuals using cutting-edge 3D CGI technology, making high-quality visual content more affordable, adaptable, and faster to create. With Nfinite, companies can deliver endless visual combinations, interactive experiences, and real-time personalized content to their customers worldwide.

Nfinite provides a 3D visual content solution designed for various markets: Home&Living, Retail and Cosmetic markets. ‘We are a SaaS Visual Merchandising solution and we believe that creative technologies empower marketing teams’, company points out. The brand offers businesses the possibility of creating, managing, animating, and displaying high-quality, infinitely changeable product visuals with just a few clicks.

They leverage the limitless capacity of computer-generated imagery and 3D rendering technology to build virtual photography studios for customers.

The company allows its clients to reduce costs virtualizing content creation with its unique 3D rendering technology, that can be up to 90% cheaper than classic photography. The content is also more personalized and delivers a custom omnichannel shopping experience to different targets. ‘When people use Nfinite, it feels like living in the future. Unlock business possibilities with an unlimited visual adaptation tool’, company says.



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