The company has developed the only series-manufactured chillers worldwide, which use the natural safety refrigerant water as a refrigerant

George Dietrich, CEO; Thomas Bartman, member of the executive board; Laurence Roy, head of sales international and Susanne Häckel, marketing manager


Efficient Energy GmbH is an innovative manufacturer and system supplier of an environmentally friendly refrigeration technology, called Bluezero Technologie and based in Feldkirchen near Munich, Germany.


This young and innovative company with more than 85 employees is developing environmental benign and commercially viable refrigeration and air conditioning solutions.


The company is the pioneer for climate-neutral refrigeration solutions and has managed to replace conventional refrigerants with pure water. Efficient Energy have created the eChiller, a chiller  enabling to use water as safe and environmental friendly refrigerant (R718) saving up to 80% energy compared to best in class HFC alternative chillers. The eChillers already comply with the F-Gas Directive and any refrigerant-related safety and efficiency requirements. The eChillers’ cooling capacities range from 20 to 120 kW depending on the model, and can be unit-wise scaled up to 1.2 MW. The refrigeration machines are ideally suited to cool industrial processes, machines, data centres, server rooms and buildings.


In the coming years, the eChiller product range will revolutionize the removal or use of waste heat as an economically and technically ingenious solution with a previously unreached environmental and economic performance.


Efficient Energy helps its customers overcome the increasing regulatory challenges of refrigeration technology, and offers them long-term, sustainable solutions with its eChiller model range. With its outstanding cost efficiency and low CO2 footprint, companies benefit on many fronts. The pioneering technology has also been noticed by politics and the media, and has received multiple awards for the eChiller.


Efficient Energy has already succeeded in becoming one of the first refrigeration-industry enterprises to achieve climate neutrality. In the summer of 2020, CEO Georg Dietrich set a good example by calculating his own personal carbon footprint and offsetting it, thereby becoming climate neutral himself.


Efficient Energy is supporting an important development project that additionally to climate protection, also contributes to a large number of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).




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