The company helps its clients build an honest and safe global working environment

Harm Voogt, CEO

Validata Group is an Amsterdam based company born in 2009 to help organizations build safer working environments through quality-driven software and services that ensure that the best candidates are hired for each position.

Since 2009, Validata has conducted more than 200,000 screenings worldwide, assisting organisations with their employment screening process, ensuring that it is efficient and 100% GDPR compliant.

With a team of 35+ employees working from its headquarters in The Netherlands and from its office in Stockholm, Sweden, Validata checks international data having nurtured a network of global data suppliers, serving some of the largest corporates globally. From Michael Page to ING, Ordina, and Equens Wordline, Validata has not only expanded market segments but also seized new market opportunities in different countries.

Validata works to ensure the best end-user experience by offering integrations with global HR and recruitment software providers. For a relatively small company, the supplier network, client portfolio, and innovative software developments show the hard work that has been put into building the business. Its leadership is guided by its people. The company has a flat hierarchy making its operations and its growth direction transparent. Sharing this joint vision, working, and innovating together has built a strong internal culture that has directed the success they enjoy today 

Validata Group has organically expanded sectors, countries, and services by looking and listening to the market. They have digitally disrupted their clients’ hiring and onboarding processes. Its SaaS solution uniquely connects with data partners from around the world, allowing them to verify candidate data quickly and more efficiently.

Validata’s cloud-based technology does this whilst ensuring candidate data is completely protected and the process is GDPR compliant. Due to their digital integrations, their clients benefit from a fully optimised screening process and can effectively manage risk no matter their company size, type of business, or country location.


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